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Do We Give Free Estimates?

This is a topic of much debate. Some folks have the words "FREE ESTIMATES" boldly displayed on their vehicles, and while the allure of "free" is undeniably appealing, we must remember: nothing truly good comes without a price. There is always a value exchange involved.

At our company, our primary focus is delivering impeccable service. We strive to deeply understand your desires and requirements, ensuring that we cater to every little detail. This process isn’t just about jotting down numbers; it's about diving deep into the essence of your envisioned project.

Imagine the amount of effort and dedication that goes into evaluating the entire scope of your dream project. Consider the breakdown of every finish you’ve ever dreamt of – creating a unique space that embodies warmth and memorable experiences for everyone. Envision documenting every single finish, assuring you with absolute confidence about how each room in your space will look and the exact materials used to bring that vision to life.

So, does this come without a cost?

Initially, yes.

When we begin our collaboration, our team visits your site to understand your space and grasp your style. We indulge in comprehensive discussions about material types, design preferences, and the desired location for various elements. After collecting this treasure trove of information, we retreat to our design sanctum. Here, we meticulously prepare a 3D model to offer you a virtual tour. This is complemented with a detailed written overview of the tasks that will be undertaken.

All this effort typically culminates in about a week and a half. And the best part? This entire phase doesn’t involve any financial transactions. You can walk into our office, experience our detailed presentation, and it won’t cost you a dime.

Next, we hand you the meticulously prepared estimated proposal. Once you have it, we recommend what we fondly term the "pillow test." If the morning after reviewing our proposal, you're still brimming with excitement and ready to kick things off, we request a modest 1% of the quoted amount. This amount signifies your commitment to embark on this journey with us. And while it is non-refundable, the moment we progress to the contract stage, this amount is deducted from your project's overall cost.

So, to answer the burning question. Do we provide free estimates?

Yes, we do!

However, it’s not just about throwing a number at you. It's a comprehensive experience designed to instill confidence and excitement for the transformative journey ahead.

We hope this sheds light on our process and ethos. Looking forward to turning dreams into reality, together!


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