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Meet The Team

Our Mission

Our mission is to continually unearth the "acres of diamonds" that lie within our business by fostering open communication with our consumers and clients, and promptly addressing their questions or concerns. This transparency cultivates a level of trust that sets us apart in an often opaque marketplace. Iconic is committed to prioritizing quality over quantity—a long-awaited approach that answers a demand in the industry. To ensure we meet these standards, we have implemented robust Standard Operating Procedures, along with meticulously crafted checklists that track quality checkpoints under the watchful eye of seasoned supervision.


What distinguishes us is our unique approach: We cultivate a people-centric culture aimed at empowering individuals to reach their fullest potential. This, in turn, yields professional results that benefit our entire team. Recognizing the significance of social media as a tool for change, Iconic has heavily invested in promoting the allure of tradesman careers to mitigate the growing apprehension among younger generations about entering the trades.

Core Values


  • Speed, efficiency, accuracy, be the difference.


  • Productive interactions. Respect given respect received.


  • Continuously learning and leveling up. You get what you give.


  • Commitment to your targets. Communication with our teammates.


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